Second gold medal in K1 men

Regarding the title of Slalom Racing World Champion in K1 Men awarded in August 2006 to
Stefano Cipressi (ITA), the ICF Board of Directors have decided, in the interests of fairness and portsmanship, that a further Gold Medal is awarded to Julien Billaut (FRA). They are both declared World Champion 2006.

With regard to the Appeal made 11th January 2007 by Julien Billaut through the Federation Françaisee Canoe Kayak and the British Canoe Union against the decision of the Slalom Racing World Championships 2006 Jury, the Board of Directors considered written and verbal reports of the Jury, the FFCK, and the BCU. 
The ICF board of directors determined:

  • That article 36.4 of the slalom rules contains some ambiguity which resulted in differing interpretations by the Jury and the Chief Officials. 
  • That the Jury’s decision to accept the Italian Federation’s appeal and overturn the Chief  Judges decision was reasonable due to their interpretation of article 36.4 as “the Judges” referring solely to gate judge 21 and 7th section judge.
  • That the Chief Judge’s interpretation of article 36.4 as including gate judge 21, 7th section Judge, and the adjacent section judges was also a reasonable interpretation and therefore his decision remains a matter of fact.
  • That while the Jury and Chief Judge interpreted article 36.4 differently both interpretations were fair and valid possibilities.
  • That these unfortunate circumstances have arisen due to an anomaly in slalom rules and all the appointed ICF officials discharged their duty appropriately.

The ICF board of directors determined to review the slalom rules without delay, to resolve the identified ambiguity so that this situation does not reoccur.