Finals will include two Czech athletes

Canadian John Hastings became the winner of the Semi-finals with the time 94:34 followed by the winner of the Heats, German athlete Alexander Grimm who was only four hundreds of second slower. The best time was performed by last – year´s winner of the World Cup Ranking, Peter Kauzer from Slovenia (94.57). The start list of the Finals includes also Daniele Molmenti from Italia and the Olympic winner from Athens, representative of Greece Benoit Peschier as well as the top British athlete Campbell Walsh.

Quite surprising has been the result of Luboš Hilgert 94.68, that brought him 4th position and participation in the Finals. From the 8th position, Vavřinec Hradílek passed to the Finals. Vít Přindiš, the 3rd Czech representative participating in the Semi-finals, unfortunately made a mistake on the second gate and finished on the 22nd position.