Crew Schroeder-Henze won the C2M semifinal, favoured Hochschorners didn't make it to the final


David Schröder, Frank Henze

German pair David Schroeder and Frank Henze performed quite a forcible run in the canoe double men semifinal. Their time was 102.38. Russian crew Mikhail Kuznetsov and Dmitriy Larionov occupies the second position with a time 103.16. The third position is held by a Czech canoeists Tomáš Koplík a Jakub Vrzáň thanks to the time 104.51. One huge surprise was brought by the world champions brothers Hochschorners (SVK), who missed the gate and therefore, they will not take part in the final. Their national team colleagues cousins Škantárs, the winners of the heats, finished on the sixth place. It's a pitty that another Czech crew Václav Hradílek a Štěpán Sehnal holds the eleventh position and thus they will not participate in the final.


You can find the complete results of the C2M semifinal here.