Training on Trojan slalom course is restored

With regard to still decreasing flow rate of water in the Vltava River it's possible to use another part of the slalom course for training.  So far it's possible to use for the training about half of the slalom course, where the gates are already hung.

Since Monday 24th April it has been possible to control exactly the amount of water influent in the slalom course, so the flow rate in it is now 16m3/s. It's expected that the water level in the Vltava River will soon decrease even more and this will enable the training on the whole slalom course.

Unfortunately, in the lower part of the slalom course two obstacles were washed away and it's impossible to replace them as long as the flow rate in the river strongly falls. It's also necessary to repair the system of the columns that hold the slalom gates in the lower parts. You can see actual flow rate in the Vltava River on this web page:
The optimal stage for using the whole slalom course is when the flow rate in the Vltava River in Prague is slightly below 200m3/s.