If you couldn`t make it to Toja, check out the video showing how spectators enjoyed the World Cup. 


Czech kayakers Stepanka Hilgertova, Katerina Kudejova and Veronika Vojtova won the K1 Women event and left Australia and Russia behind on the second and third position. "First place is good itself and thanks to fans who stayed after individuals and were cheering for us because everyone is tired already. It‘s great it worked out!" Stepanka Hilgertova said after team competition. 

"I´m happy because it worked out many times and everyone can see that we can do it and it should stay like this," Kateřina Kudějová said. "It‘s a great ending of the weekend. We couldn`t wish for more," Veronika Vojtova added.

Only one among all boats executed the course with no penalties in the Finals. It was the Czech crew Ondrej Karlovsky and Jakub Jane. Nevertheless, their neat ride was sufficient only for the fifth place. „The race was bound from the begining. There was a mistake at gate four where the boat was slower then it was supposed to be. Time was bigger and bigger and the bottom part wasn´t what we imagined. But we enjoyed this race, perfect atmosphere and great fans," stated Karlovsky after the competition. Jonas Kaspar and Marek Sindler, other Czechs in the Finals got a 50s penalty and ended at tenth place.


Czech doublecanoeists Ondrej Karlovsky, Jakub Jane managed ride with no penalty as the one crew in Final, but unfortunatelly didn´t reach the podium anyway. They finally ended up on fifth place. Other Czech team Jonas Kaspar, Marek Sindler finished as tenth.

Triumph of C2 Men category belongs to Slovakian cousins Ladislav Skantar, Peter Skantar in time 102.30.

Two Czech kayakers made it to the podium in the Third episode of World Cup in Troja: Katerina Kudejova at second place and Stepanka Hilgertova at third. Last of the Czech participants in the Finals, Veronika Vojtova, finished at eighth place.

"I feel awesome. Great thing is that there will be two of us on the podium. We’ll celebrate in the evening because it can be the last time but I hope in the opposite," Kudejova said after finishing second.

Hingertova added: "I’m happy for the medal even more because I did beat many girls which have better ranking. I was afraid of the touch at gate sixteen but I made it and I’m even more glad because it’s in front of home fans."

Slalom team competition in Prague`s Troja was dominated by Czechs. In the third episode of the World Cup they standed on the podium in all three categories of team competitons.

Firstly, Czech C1 Women team won on home water; Katerina Hoskova, Monika Jancova and Martina Satkova were the winners over teams from China and Great Britain.

They were followed by C1 Men team, composed of Lukas Rohan, Vitezslav Gebas and Jan Masek. Despite of two penalty seconds for a stroke, they left behind trios of German and British canoeists.

Hannes Aigner won the K1 men category at the World Cup in Prague's Troja, the domestic audience was delighted by silver position of Jiří Prskavec. Michael Smolen finished on the third place.

The courses for the Semi-finals and Finals were much heavier than the ones for Friday Qualification, so racers achieved almost ten seconds slower times than in qualifying.

Finals brought some unexpected errors of individual competitors, even three of the them were penalised by 50 seconds for missing a gate. One of them was the home favorite Vít Přindiš who ended up in eighth place. 

Double Olympic Champion Michal Martian won C1 category at ICF Canoe World Cup in Prague-Troja. 35-years-old Slovakian canoeist was penalised by two seconds but his time 93,56 was the best.
Double World Champion David Florence finished as second and Benjamin Savsek was third. Slovenian canoeist run the fastest time of all the finalists but was penalised for three fouls by with six seconds so finished "only" on the third position.
Fitfh place belongs to home representative Vitezslav Gebas. He run the third fastest time but was penalised by four seconds and finished fifth. 

Czech canoeist Katerina Hoskova finished second in the World Cup race for the second time this season. She stepped to the podium in a World Cup race in Troja as well as in Tacen. The winner of the C1 category was Rosalyn Lawrence, third was Nanqin Cen.

Prague – Slovakians Ladislav Skantar, Peter Skantar won the qualification of C2 at ICF Canoe Slalom World Cup in Prague. But time intervals among double canoeists were very tight in this race, 2 seconds from first to eighth crew.

British competitor Fiona Pennie won evening qualification in K1W category. Domestic fans were excited about successful journey of Czech women – all of them reached the Final including three in Top 10.

Jessica Fox (AUS) dominated first run and ensured herself smooth path to Final with time 90.31. Second run was needless for this young kayaer. Katerina Kudejova (CZE) finished as second and confirmed her good shape in domestic course.

Prague - Czech representant Vit Prindis won the qualification of category K1M. Kayakers has come on programme as second competitors during this morning. This category is full of excellent athletes and there was lot to see on course, although the biggest star, 2013 World Champion Vavrinec Hradinec (CZE) missed the race due to injury.

Time under 80 seconds was beated first by Vit Prindis (CZE), silver medallist from this year´s European Championship in Vienna. But he was overcome by Slovakian Martin Halcin very quickly and this rank lasted until the end of the first run. The others, who finished course under 80 seconds were two Polish kayakers – Mateusz Polaczyk and Dariusz Popiela.

Prague – Australian favourite Jessica Fox has won todays C1 qualification with no difficulties. She did not even start in Heat 2 since her time of 102.78 s brought her straight into semifinals. Then she could save energy for the K1 qualification which takes place this evening.  

Czech single-canoeists made it into the semifinals as well. Monika Jancova at third place, behind the first Jessica Fox and second Qianqian Teng from China. Katerina Hoskova, medailist from European Championships in Vienna, finished at 12th place, Martina Satkova at 15th.  

Semifinals of C1 Women start tomorrow at 9 am, Finals then at 12:33.

Prague – ICF Canoe World Cup 2014 in Prague has started with first race. Benjamin Savsek (SLO) won the category C1M with time 82.16. Second place for Saturday´s Semifinals took Matej Benus from Slovakia.

Vitezslav Gebas from the Czech Republic demonstrated the best knowledge of the domestic course. His second run with no penalties moved him into third place.

„Second ride was done better than the first one. I just wanted to get to know the course in the first one and  race in the second. I´m glad that I managed to have a clear race and I hope to do it again in the semifinals,“ adds Gebas, bronze medallist from 2012 ICF Canoe World Cup in Prague, who would like to repeat his success.

The future of Czech paddling, Jiri Prskavec (K1M) and Katerina Kudejova (K1W) will head the host nations line-up in Prague as the world's best canoe slalom paddlers prepare to compete at the third 2014 ICF Canoe Slalom World Cup of the season from 20-22 June.

Prskavec won silver in the K1 Men at the World Championships last September on the Prague course, whilst Kudejova was crowned U23 K1 Women World Champion in Slovakia just months before. Both will be amongst the favourites when the competition gets underway on Friday.

The pocket rocket, Katerina Hoskova will also be a strong contender following a great result in Tacen last weekend when she finished second in the C1 Women.